As the name implies, the Aida Ayurvedic Hotel at Bentota is truly a centre of Ayurveda that offers age-old treatments passed down from generation to generation in our island. It is a place where the best herbal treatments are combined with alluring surroundings to give you a total mind and body makeover.

What are the Ayurvedic treatments available at Aida ? They have treatments lasting from two to four weeks for foreign visitors. Among them are: The Soft Reflex (Two Weeks) - A major cause of organic disease is the clogging and toxification of the body’s organs, tissues and cells. The programme leads to accelerated energy and lowering of daily complaints.

Detoxification (Three Weeks) - Deeper concentration is possible during the three week course giving the body a chance to regenerate more extensively.

Rejuvenation (Four Weeks) - Especially designed by the Resident Ayurvedic Doctor, this course helps the body to defy disease and maintain a youthful appearance. The hotel has 12 treatment rooms and four pavilions for herbal baths so that many guests can be accommodated at the same time.The hotel also offers an Ayurveda Herbal- Sauna built ccording to scriptures which are 2,500 years old. It is built without windows. The inner plaster is mixed with herbal ingredients such as bee’s honey, surface from ant-hill, bitter herbs and powder of Sandalwood. The ground is covered with a selection of various herbs, and is heated with healing wood. 

Adjoining the guest rooms is the modern Ayurvedic Health Centre with a private consultation room, 12 treatment rooms, four pavilions for flower and herbal baths, and a Sauna fired by fragrant herbal woods. The emphasis then, is clearly on the Ayurveda side, not as a huge hotel, though you can read about that part elsewhere in this magazine.

A large number of foreign tourists (and even locals) come to the hotel to seek treatments for a variety of ailments, but there are many who just want to relax and soothe their nervous minds by getting various treatments. They like the range of treatments and facilities on offer, the hotel’s proximity to Colombo and the Bandaranaike International Airport, the excellent services of the Ayurvedic doctors and qualified staff and the sheer ambience of the facility that is very close to the ocean. The excellent food at the hotel is another factor that draws them in. If you have a few days to spare, Aida Bentota is the place to be for a total overhaul of your body and soul.



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An Ayurvedic retreat to heal body and soul