- Pramod de Silva

Ella is a heavenly place in the mountainous region of Sri Lanka. It is a place you want to explore for a few days, discovering its many hidden charms. But you need a heavenly place to stay in while exploring the area. This is where the Ella Mount Heaven Resort comes in. True to its name, and also the heavenly nature of Ella itself, this is the one place to stay in Ella when you go there.

If you have a few days to spare, there is one thing that you should do at Mount Heaven – take advantage of its excellent spa. Almost every hotel now has a spa, but you will find a truly authentic experience at Mount Heaven, with qualified Ayurvedic doctors and therapists. They will tailor make a residential spa programme for you and other members of your family. It will be a holistic approach that includes a food and relaxation component as well. The scenery complements the spa sessions well, because you feel you are in heaven itself, amidst the picturesque mountains.


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A heavenly spa in the hills