Thailand is opened by air gates of the international airport "Suvarnabhumi". If you were on the road from Colombo without a transfer, then here you will be the first admiration after the flight 3.5 hours. The interior decoration of the terminals is full of orchids.

For those traveling to KohChang, there is still a long 4 hour journey by car to the ferry crossing in the province of Trat. There you are waited by the second tide of charm by Thailand.

40 minutes spent on the ferry will allow you to plunge into the life of the local population, who together with tourists feel a real respite during the crossing - who in their working days and who is in the travel. A special atmosphere when crossing the Gulf of Thailand occurs during sunset.

After the crossing, you are an hour's drive from almost any hotel on the third largest island of the Kingdom of Thailand. Whether your settlement will pass by day, or you will arrive at night, in any case, starting from the second day of your stay on the island of Chang, you begin to enjoy all the other delights of this young resort.

Almost unspoilt nature of the island, its chic beaches and the waters of the bay - it's just a backdrop for the rest of the charms. Perhaps the main one will be low prices in the local tourist areas. Massage on the beach of the hotel will not cost more than on the more popular resorts outside of hotels!

In this review, we will not talk about any of the attractions of Chang Island. It in itself is such in Thailand! After all, it belongs to the national marine reserve Mu Koh Chang. All the interesting places you will find on the map of the island, which you will receive at the hotel. And to visit them is best on a convenient schedule for you, renting a moped or a car.

Buying breakfast together with accommodation, you have the opportunity to taste in the other part of the island for lunch a habitually sharp kitchen with amazing local features. On the way to lunch, you have time to visit local attractions, or simply to visit beautiful places. In any direction you will meet on the way a lot of piers with the most beautiful views for photos!

In the evening, leaving the rented vehicle on the hotel parking, you will always find a wonderful cafe for dinner, or a night market with local food. But the "island of the elephant" falls asleep early, so it is more suitable for a quiet family holiday. The best period for this will be the months from November to May.


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